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a roadside bomb kills three teenagers in russia. on. syria america. for the rebel forces chemical scare a bombing threatening. fleet believed to be capable of. regional rage over the country's refusal to sign up to nonproliferation treaty. trying to impose their rules on religiously.
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very latest developments this is. a roadside explosion has reportedly killed three teenagers in the republican. north caucuses region several other bystanders were injured in the blast shopping center in central. joins us now with details on this. do we know at this point. well the blast was reportedly caused by an explosive device installed in a metal tube wrapped in some sort of a package and witnesses say that it was hurled towards the entrance of a shop from a car passing by any detonated when two teenagers tried to open the package they died on the spot several others were injured one of them died shortly after the
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whole area is currently blocked by authorities of the bomb squad is there investigators are also at the scene right now it's still unclear whether it's a terrorist attack or a personal attack on the owner of the shop since the owners of the neighboring shop claim that this is not the first time that a bomb was planted in front of that same exact store but nevertheless all of this is happening in the markets go out of the capital of the republic of. curly one of the most volatile regions in the country where acts of terror attacks and authorities have become common events and are often linked to organizations a link to international terror groups including al qaeda ok for now thank you for that update. american
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military hardware may soon end up in rebel hands in the front lines of the conflict in syria according to a white house official source speaking on condition of anonymity said washington is preparing to send weaponry in response to opposition requests for surface to air missiles an anti-tank rockets and speaking to reporters president obama himself hinted at military action that a geishas of chemical warfare in syria confirmed report not listen to what the president had to say. the only option that he gave was a scenario in which he said if the u.s. finds out that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against the rebels then obama strongly indicated that the u.s. would consider military intervention but he did not address what would happen if it was in fact the rebels or members of the opposition that have used chemical weapons throughout this ongoing conflict but at this point barack obama says that u.s. intelligence officials don't know who has used chemical weapons inside of syria
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how they were used or when they were used the u.s. cannot confirm if it was in fact damascus who's used the weapon now obama said that his administration doesn't have a chain of custody that establishes exactly what has happened in syria and in the meantime damascus and the opposition have repeatedly accused one another of using chemical weapons on tuesday syria's ambassador to the u.n. allege that terrorist groups fighting alongside the rebels had used chemical material during an attack near the city of live and attempted to a claim that incident on the syrian government in the meantime the united nations says damascus has so far refused to allow a team of experts inside the country to investigate the use of chemical weapons but syrian officials say they would like a detailed list of what u.n. officials would be probing before entering the country but the u.s. president has not indicated if the opposition in syria would suffer any
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consequences if it is found out that they are the ones that used chemical weapons speaking to auntie for military and poem to presidential candidates going to johnson pointed to the terrible cost of post interventions is reason enough not to get involved in syria. let's get all the information and after we've gotten all the information let's look at our military interventions in the past i suggest to you that there is not a military intervention in my life that has been warranted and hasn't resulted in consequences that. are unpredictable from the start these milla to our military interventions have resulted in hundreds of millions of enemies to this country but but for our military interventions i don't think would otherwise exist you said seventy thousand people have been killed when you look at the past military interventions our military interventions resulted in another hundred thousand losing their lives but somehow that's justified because it's on
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the side of good on the subjects and i'm being facetious i'm being facetious our military interventions don't end up improving these situations for us may not be alone and eyeing a possible role in the syrian war lebanese in this group has been up to provide support to the government that offer two days of terrorist bombings in damascus left schools coming up. to eighty four days of the guantanamo bay hunger strike obama reacts to once again attempt to shut down a detention camps it goes against the american way. made in europe is usually a time of celebration with historic labor forms remembered fondly but this year it's a different story protests against austerity and the road right so either on the way or expected in many countries and some have already turned violent piece all of it he's in berlin he's keeping an eye on the demonstrations for us. across europe
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has become a day of demonstration people look to at the moment voiced their concerns about the ongoing financial crisis in the country we have seen some demonstrations taking place guess today on tuesday here in germany where anti fascist protesters took to the streets they clashed with police and there were some some rather ugly scenes there indeed and now we are expecting today on thursday that we will see people on wednesday that we will see. further clashes between police and the far right demonstrators so basically after the anti fascist decorations in germany we're now going to see the far right come out in their fury on the streets of germany now also protesters from across the political spectrum will be out all around the country now over in greece there is a general strike taking place today the greeks of course one of the hardest hit
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nations from the financial crisis that struck in two thousand and eight now they're coming out on to the streets of athens and other major cities to show that well they're not happy that's the that's the major thing that is being voiced is that the people of europe unhappy with the way that the crisis has been dealt with or well not dealt with as they see it now the first jew to the times the time difference and everything we have to protest took place in istanbul the first to get under way today now they are also the first to get under way the first to get under way and get violent now we've seen tear gas flooding the streets of the turkish capital as demonstrators go out there now this day also has historic significance in turkey in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven there was a large demonstration that was resulted in well dozens of people dying on the streets of turkey due to the due to a crackdown by police there so this day has historical significance there but also
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people not happy with the way the situation's going and the coming out to show just that. well israel will soon get its fifth dolphin class submarine believed to be capable of launching cruise missiles with nuclear warheads the country's defense minister has announced the move comes in spite of televised decades long policy of remaining silent on its alleged nuclear weapons we're on confirmed all snow is assumed to be behind egypt's decision to pull out of the nonproliferation talks in geneva one this now from. cairo says it is withdrawing from a second week of the nonproliferation treaty talks in geneva in protest against what it is calling the failure to implement a one nine hundred ninety five resolution for a middle east free of nuclear weapons now the cairo argument is an implicit reference to israel that has never either confirmed or denied having nuclear arms and it is also not
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a signatory to the nonproliferation treaty arab states and iran say that israel's presumed nuclear arsenal poses a threat to peace in the middle east as well as security in a statement by the egyptian foreign ministry its it was pulling out of the talks to quote the same a strong message of non acceptance of the continued lack of seriousness dealing with the establishment of a nuclear free zone in the middle east we want to say that it cannot continue waiting forever for the implementation of this with a new show and knowledge options are calling on member states and international bodies to bear responsibility again quoting for implementing the legitimate international resolutions the argument however from the israeli side as well as the american side is that a nuclear arms free zone in the middle east chemically a reality until there is a broader arab israeli peace plan in place and iran could see its nuclear program the meeting currently away in geneva is aimed at reviewing progress in implementing
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the nine hundred seventy nonproliferation treaty which is designed to prevent the spread of nuclear arms across the world. spoke to british member of parliament jeremy corbin who's also vice chairman of the campaign for nuclear disarmament he says that a nuclear free middle east will remain elusive and this washington in brussels pressure israel to stop its atomic activities well israel depends very heavily on trade with the european union and military aid from the united states we need action urgently by those two key players in the situation to put the most enormous pressure on on israel either through sanctions or withdrawing or lift a lifting the trade agreement which also has a human rights clause within it israel we know has nuclear weapons and has the land based system to deliver them and could have a sea based system any country in the region that has a nuclear power system turkey egypt saudi arabia all could develop their own
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nuclear weapons if they wish to clearly the danger now is very nuclear arms race in the middle east with all the terrible consequences that that could bring about if ever they should be used western powers are in no hurry to stop israel's alleged nuclear program has encouraged it from the outset according to ramzi baru the editor of palestine chronicle dot com. if israel was going to listen they would have listened decades ago but again israel is dealing with the situation where there's i would say an international conspiracy to allow israel to continue so with its quest for nuclear armaments if it were not for western countries supports now germany but also britain originally france the united states even israel would have not been able to acquire such massive destructive capability as a steam it's with them at two hundred nuclear warheads but others say a four hundred if not even more there is absolutely no need for israel to develop
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enough weapons to destroy the middle east civil times over in the name of security you can't be achieving security at the expense of of world peace. that's exactly ten years since the united states declared victory in iraq what followed was a devastating usual expense consequence is that both countries are still struggling to come to terms with washington's consistent venture to success but that.
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money needs to be at a maybe a second to be a booming money in stevia to see which is both a cultural contemporary i don't know logically sevi auditory. so join me tomorrow must say honored c m a the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the performing arts drawing here at marines. so-called muslim patrols are again active in london vigilance is trying to impose islamic ideals on the local population a string of arrests that may have tempered the zeal they continue to promote their often quite radical views moderate muslim leaders for their actions could discredit
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the whole community and surf reports. but that is of misinformation on taste find someplace cereal or an unsuspecting members of the public first hit the headlines there was an outcry of course and well since then some arrests have been made because artist found out self-titled most of them patrols are still in operation the muslim community will continue to patrol the streets and clear the streets of the buses and leave to. this group called themselves the shari'a project. they make a point of differentiating themselves from the more hardline missile and patrol his videos cause such anger everything with things like this we almost. really. were proud of. our work. longer a little bit calmer and really focused on the rocket told this patrol they say that
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whilst they share many of the same he's at the other patrols they've never employed the same question tactics. for the background. i mean looking at those patrols i can say that is commendable but since i've come out and actually decided to take some kind of action against you know these things taking place. i could have all the actual actions and things we would still buy anything obviously there is always a better way to do things my approach as a muslim is to advise my muslim brother fantasy into an action that perhaps more appropriate always advised me to say what is better than many in the mainstream islam community these patrols are a cause for concern but if it is ensuring widespread media coverage many muslim leaders have condemned their actions as wrong and i'm representing. these individuals are
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a fringe minority you know they don't represent the muslim community there's two point seven million muslims in the. and. you know they would never. condone this type of behavior the groups were very clear to us that they have peaceful intentions some of the members are alleged to be involved with the more extreme patrols where members served three and a half years in prison on charges of terrorist fund raising and fighting terrorism . and it didn't take him long to make his more hardline viz known. to him i believe so because i believe those who disbelieve in the oneness of god did find this issue would be the end point anyway and those laws and the establishment that would go with them would be a roll makes it into him so i have no respect whatsoever i asked the leader of the sharia project whether he was concerned by statements like that i said you know if you take it from the passive approach then i don't think you fix the country and
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these are great thank you for doing. full testing of your food before you start with the sharif which i think some things are really costly for your day to day this in many base amongst the muslim and the white british community there are worries not just about the actions but about the potential repercussions the relative peace movement dorsey could have all a much larger scale so. the leader of hezbollah has hinted that the lebanon based militant group could intervene in the syrian conflict on the side of the government forces have reacted furiously accusing her son of trying to undermine the region stability when it comes after two massive car blasts in the space of two days in central damascus in the lives of at least twenty people latest ripped through a bustling square in your former interior ministry building monday's attack targeting the syrian prime minister who survived one of his bodyguards was killed
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a car sorrow a blogger on the middle east think syria is a political opposition has painted distanced itself from extremists rather. terrorizing the population. you know that is a modern responsibility and if the syrian opposition read represents. you know the other factions on the ground in syria then you should take responsibility as well for stopping those actions and at least it should distance itself from it's not just happened which he hasn't done so far i think to this kind of confusion so i fear you want your boss to the west and the u.s. in particular there's of the syrian opposition group i've not really been clear and i've not taken like. car bombings and similar actions clearly and kind of distance themselves from the groups that are likely to be behind some of them. but a week of mayhem across iraq has seen more than two hundred people killed and many more injured and west bought it since the end of the u.s. occupation it comes exactly ten years after george w.
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bush declared america's victory over saddam hussein my message is still washington's official died despite a mental bloodshed and artie's going to take our now reports many americans feel history is repeating itself. major combat operations in iraq have ended in the battle of iraq the united states and around lies have prevailed president george w. bush delivered the message on may the first two thousand and three a declaration of success followed by years of bloody war when bush made that speech i was in the military and public affairs that's the stated mission you know liberation and freedom for iraqis and it didn't seem to me like that what's happening because there was all this violence that was her had she waited by our presence for years after this speech as many americans and the whole world saw iraq as a part mire washington decided to send in twenty thousand more troops that surge cost the u.s. the lives of more than a thousand soldiers and many billions of dollars of taxpayers' money on his
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deathbed the iraq war veteran thomas young wrote a letter to george w. bush and dick cheney. was. both. born in the terrible lying in the church of american politics sometimes even doubting success can be perceived as blasphemous that's been true for the iraq surge even today will you correct or incorrect when you said that search would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since viet nam we are correct or incorrect by writer no my reference to the survey and seeing what is. the question is we right or wrong my answer is i'll defer that judgment to history i think history has already made a judgment about the searcher and you're on the wrong side of it chuck hagel is reference to vietnam was not uncalled for years into the vietnam war even as most americans saw the involvement there is a mistake thousands of u.s.
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troops continue to die because washington didn't want to admit it someone has to die and so that president nixon won't be and these are his words the first president to lose a war supporters of president bush say history will treat him more kindly regarding iraq but the history that is being lived by iraqis today is one that has neither peace nor security in a country ripped apart by terror six tarion violence and fears of a looming civil war in washington i'm going to shut down. the u.s. president barack obama's family broken assad and save the ongoing hunger strike at the guantanamo bay prison camp been using calls to close the facility describe the camp as a problem that is only going to fit the statement came after extra medical staff a ride to the prison to treat at least one hundred inmates were refusing food or can stone from the hamilton coalition to stop the war washington is just trying to defend its international image. i think the u.s.
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authorities are in damage control mode now because they know that with every prisoner who dies in guantanamo bay the negative attention of the world is going to be focused on. and the shame that it has brought upon the united states of america unfortunately the the crimes that have been. going on are still being committed in guantanamo bay by the united states will not go away and the the attention of the world to negative attention is focused on these crimes or some other news now making headlines around the world the south and central these ten people have been injured in a surge of sectarian violence which two mosques were destroyed and hundreds of muslim homes that's a. simmering interfaith hatred exploded in march when there were forty muslims dead and thousands more displaced recent reports by human rights watch accused of four years in the country of freedom to be attacks she describes as ethnic cleansing.
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in canada almost three billion dollars of counterterrorism funds are unaccounted for according to the charge of the nation's finances as part of a thirteen billion dollar reserve which was set aside for the terror operations in two thousand and one and two thousand and nine you wanted to journal said in his spring report that the money isn't missing and that information on where it was spent can't be found so call for greater control of the financial records on government spending. of the world renowned theatre in st petersburg as a rich musical legacy and it's now branched out letting its name to completely new venue risky theater two as it's been named is a state of the art concert hall on thursday night with a series of some performances artist about what side reports. this much loved venue is launching its new ad most ambitious project yet money in skiffy attitude.
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taking ten yes reach premie and i'd although it's not come cheap at some seven hundred thirty million dollars but what audiences will get is a seventy nine thousand square building and to accommodate today's most demanding productions on my car grand aging sister every one of the two thousand people in mariinsky still had to choose auditorium will be able to see every inch of the stage no blind spots even on the roof and i'll stress school m.p.p. at the end terrace over the keys and petersburg see if the bosses are clear that it's the next generation of audiences in this sights. were ever. so yeah. it's nice to. hear. every corner of the matter you had to touch is your i and i wanted to find out
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a little bit more about how the architecture the were able to combine both the old ski together with this contemporary invitee and very vibrant space. the people of the city are seriously protective of what's built here jack diamond is the architect who had to step in to complete the much contested theater especially making it fit in with some petersburg iconic historic skyline the building is paying attention to the streets cable something. modest as a foil to the old building and to the rest of the architecture but once you get inside well the cathedral is the holy of holies for religion that's the holy of holies for music an opera ordinances the classic hallmarks of the eighteenth and nineteenth century opera houses of a whole shoes shape three balconies a tried and trusted designed to carry both grand scale and quiet intimacy that
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there's a twenty first century twist smart walls so that even the father spectator catches even the slightest night's started on the monarch must look at you who wants a hundred per cent opera house not a compromise hundred percent of the hours to begin with the opening night gallong the second of may kicks off three days of launch performances in the words of the a distant drek to himself the programs the inaugural festival with chosen to demonstrate the extraordinary range of the company and the new theatre space while reflecting both the history of the mariinsky and the theatres engagement with today's audiences and with all phases of contemporary oprah ballet and kestrel music. to bomb would say our team. wonderful well up next it's all a tease debate show crosstalk stay with us. sigrid
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